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RIMS Update - January 2023

The DVSA have announced that Driving Test Examiners will be wearing ‘ body cameras’ as the level of physical and verbal abuse has reached new heights since the pandemic. We are all frustrated about not being able to get a driving test anytime soon and the pressures of needing to pass but we cannot condone the use of abuse towards anyone. We have to work together to change attitudes towards other people and other road users as human beings.

This also reinforces the need to make sure we are totally ready to take the test with the confidence to pass the first time. Perhaps discuss with your instructor about doing a mock test before you actually book your driving test? If possible, as we are a team, perhaps try to arrange a mock test with another member of the team to make it more “ life-like”?

The waiting list and the number of enquiries just keep growing as does the number of people contacting us from outside the area with a Test booked in Rotherham. This also helps to explain why our customers are struggling to test dates here.

Keep up the good work and I am confident that things are improving, including the weather.

Mick Kingham,

Director of RIMS motoring School Ltd.

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