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Become An Instructor

Do You Think You Have What It Takes To Become A Driving Instructor?

This page is not going to sell you a training course, actually the purpose of this page is for you to pick the phone up and call us.
Why? Because you need to know if this is the career for you. There are many driving instructor training programs but before you get out your credit cards you need to know if you are making the right decision.

Right now we will attempt to answer some of your questions, and introduce you to our trial day.

Are you suited to being an instructor?

Depending upon what sort of salary you want to earn, most driving instructors have to be flexible in the hours they work.

Very few instructors can work school hours only, but that does not mean to say you can’t if that is what you want, we are just painting the picture of what tends to happen.


Apart from the skills of being a driving instructor you need to be a good listener and know how to keep certain things confidential. You will be surprised what you learn from your students.


If you are open minded, a little bit happy-go-lucky and enjoy helping other people then yes you could have what it takes.


What money can you earn?

There are three factors you need to be aware of:

  • The numbers of hours you can work

  • The costs involved in running your business.

  • The price you charge per hourly lesson.

If you teach for 30 hours a week with a net hourly income of £12 an hour will pay you around £18k a year and of course you have a company car so to speak. The top driving instructors working 40 hours a week with a net hourly income of £15 per hour will give you around £30K per annum.

What are the costs to business?

Obviously your car, fuel, insurance, maintenance, and then there are business costs such a marketing, telephone answering services, websites, google and business services etc.

Investment Chart

Is there a “one stop shop”?

At RIMS driver training we can provide you with the training, and advice based on our experience on pretty much everything else except the car/fuel/insurance but we know where to get the best deals from.


What is in my training?

To be a driving instructor you have to pass three tests:

  • Part 1 – advanced theory

  • Part 2  – advanced driving

  • Part 3 – Teaching skills of a driving instructor

But at RIMS we go further, the training needed as outlined by the DVSA is only good enough for you to become a driving instructor. You also need to know how to operate a driving school business. We will help you there as well.


Take a Trial

Some schools will want £3-4k for your training, however we feel you are better suited taking a trial first.

For the small fee of £60 you can sit in on 2 driving lessons to get a feel of being a driving instructor and then you will have a special questions and answers session to help you decide if this is the career for you.

To become a Driving Instructor you have to be on the register and approved by the DVSA registrar. This will require you to complete Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) check form and have a successful outcome. You are not entitled to teach for fees without being on the register of instructors.

Our Training Costs

They will differ depending on what you need, because some of the training can be self taught, it all depends on what suits you. If you would like to join RIMS as a driving instructor after you complete your training our hourly rate is £40 an hour, otherwise you will pay £45 per hour.

To find out more call Mick on 07895262777 or complete the enquiry form and we will get back to you to get the process started!

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