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Why Choose RIMS?

Your Journey To Passing Starts Now!

It will not be long before you adjust your seat and mirrors, buckle up and turn on the ignition. You are not just starting your car; you are also starting the rest of your life because you are going to pass your driving test and make your life amazing.

When you take driving lessons in Rotherham here at Rims Motoring School Ltd, we go beyond just driving lessons we want to give you much more, but at no extra time or expense to you. In fact, what we are going to do is help you save time and money, we will also give you the inside information needed to pass your driving test.

Why Choose Rims Motoring School Ltd for all of your Driver Training needs?

  • We deliver quality driver training at realistic and affordable prices.

  • We work as a team to provide you with the best possible training experience.

  • We pride ourselves on great customer service with excellent communication and attention to detail.

  • We work flexible hours to best meet our customer’s needs.

  • We give you access to to Theory, Hazard perception and highway code software FREE of charge.

  • The chance to test your skills with another instructor to determine your readiness for the real test to give you the best chance of achieving your goal first time!

Would you agree it is quite hard to tell if the driving school is going to be any good or not? To the general public we all pretty much look the same, only the car really differs, other than that you have the choice of which instructor. But who is good and who isn’t? That is the important question?

Here at RIMS, we offer you something unique that will give you the chance to save time and money by giving you exclusive access to our Student Portal which is ONLY available to our customers via a student log-in with permission.

The portal area is crammed with real life videos recorded here in Rotherham by our team in our cars and reflects the reality of driving in the Rotherham Borough (and not just posted on You Tube with no relevance to this area) with coverage of all the roundabouts, from any entry point to any exit point, audio visually describing how to negotiate them correctly.


Also, there are videos of the actual manoeuvres carried out in the car that you will drive in, so you can “VIEW IT BEFORE YOU DO IT”!


Imagine this, you come to the end of your lesson today and you work through your journal and having mastered the topic area for today it’s time to move on. Your instructor then points you in the direction of the Portal to get a “Heads up” on what you have agreed you will be working on next time. So, you check out the video several times over the coming week and by the time your instructor picks you up, you fell you have sufficient knowledge and confidence to have a go!


How good would that be? Imagine then you get spot on first time, then it’s time to move on again! So, by taking responsibility for your own learning and putting in the work in between lessons you are making better progress towards passing your test and by reducing the number of lessons, you are also saving money, winner!

At Rims Motoring School Ltd we go the extra mile to ensure you get the best out of your training, that you enjoy your time with us and become more independent by leaving us with the open road simply waiting to be discovered...

You Have Nothing To Lose but Everything to gain!

Call Mick on 07895262777 or complete the enquiry form and we will get back to you to get the process started!

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