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Driving Test Rescue

This Might Sound Weird, But We Know Why Your Failing...

If you have been failing your driving test with another driving school, then you need to take our special course specifically designed to help learner drivers who are fed up with failing.


We have never taught you to drive, we have never met you and we have not spoken yet, but we know why you are failing, and it is not your fault. Learner drivers fail because they are not fully prepared and if you are not in tip top condition and you know you are trying to “wing it” your confidence is not right and that is usually what trips you up first.


Why are you not prepared?


Because your previous driving school in did not do their job properly; here is a rundown of a few points they could have missed out on.


  • Did you receive a progress report stating you are “independent” in all skills?

  • Did you have a mock test and if so, did you pass it?

  • Was the mock test with a different instructor you did not know?

  • Were you allowed to skip lessons?

  • Did the instructor say “ok we will let you have a go” (for the test)

Therefore, people fail, and you need to be guided on these points.

Failure is horrible!

So, you tell your friends, you tell your parents, it costs you more money and you start to doubt yourself. Yet none of this is your fault, your instructor should have given you the full guidance, they failed you.

What can you do?

Right now, you are a bit of a rough diamond that needs polishing up. How about you tell us your story, book a lesson, let us set a date with you for your next test, and together we will help you get your licence.

Call Mick on 07895262777 or complete the enquiry form and we will get back to you to get the process started!

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