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RIMS Update - May 2023

The DVSA have announced more potential strike dates for our area which are 22nd and 23rd June 2023. If you have test booked on either of those days the advice is to be prepared to attend as normal.

Generally, if you test is not to go ahead, you will be informed by email on the day of your test. I had a situation recently where my customer had checked their emails first thing in the morning and they had not received notification to cancel. Then when I arrived I asked them to check again, nothing. As we were passing the centre 45 minutes or so before test time, we noticed that there was only one vehicle in the car park. We pulled up around the corner and checked the emails to find it had been cancelled while we was out on the road. Check your test against the dates and either wait to see what happens or try to change the date but this may be months away. My customer was rebooked only 4 weeks later as a result of the notification and that date is later this month.

In other news, all the results indicate that “ mock testing” positively impacts preparation for the real thing. Speak with your instructor to build this into your schedule as we Need to be Ready!

The waiting list is still coming down (165) as we speak but the number of enquiries is still a constant flood with enquiries on all platforms on a daily basis. I am also pleased to announce that we may have a new instructor trainee starting soon once the initial paperwork and checks have been completed.

Thank you for your business and support of RIMS driving school. Let’s all keep up the good work,

Mick Kingham,

Director of RIMS Motoring School Ltd.

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