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RIMS Update - March 2023

The DVSA has announced some changes to the driving test booking system to take effect this summer. These changes have come about as a result of the statistics around learners failing their driving tests and the reasons for failing.

From February 2023 the stats show that 53% of learners are failing the car test and the examiners are having to physically intervene in 1 in 8 tests showing that more than half of candidates are NOT ready!

Some of the measures include;

  • Extending the period that those who fail have to wait before booking another test from 10 to 28 clear working days. ( giving more time to be better prepared next time)

  • Extending the notice period during which a cancelled car test will result in a lost fee, from 3 working days to 10 clear working days. ( this will give better-prepared learners more chances to take advantage of short-notice test appointments)

Information received indicates that learners are wanting to pass their test as quickly and as cheaply as possible and in many cases booking tests against the advice of their instructor.

The idea is that;

  • Encourage learners to be better prepared for the test

  • Reduce the number of wasted test appointments

  • Make more tests available for those who are Properly Prepared

  • Make it easier to find tests that are cancelled at short notice

  • Give those who fail time to properly prepare for their next test.

So as you can see, all the science and data analysed really does show that the 6 P’s really will improve your chances of passing the first time. (Proper Preparation and Planning, Prevents Poor Performance)

Best wishes and thank you ( in advance) for your engagement in this process,

Mick Kingham,

Director of RIMS Motoring School Ltd.

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