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RIMS Update - February 2023

The waiting list is now starting to come down after peaking at 323 customers. We have around 190 at present but the enquiries are steadily coming in daily.

Driving test availability has been restricted for our customers for some time due to a number of factors;

1, The impact of the pandemic and 2 years' worth of new drivers all battling for the same test dates.

2, The fact that customers from outside our local area are booking tests in Rotherham ( because they are not available in their local area) and we are receiving calls and enquiries from, London, Newcastle, Nottingham, Sheffield and others.

3, In more recent times, the industrial action ( strikes) by Driving Test Examiners means that planned tests are cancelled and then rescheduled for a later date.

Just to note, the next phase of strikes to affect our area is planned for 15th March 2023 and then 23rd and 24th March 2023.

If you have a test booked for these dates, it MAY be cancelled but not all of the examiners are on strike so it may go ahead. The advice is to attend as normal and you will be financially compensated for your instructor’s fees if the test is cancelled.

Best wishes to all of our existing and future customers and the great team at RIMS,

Mick Kingham,

Director of RIMS motoring School Ltd.

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