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RIMS Launches Student Portal

Rims Motoring School Ltd goes "one step beyond" launching our Unique Student Portal. This is a new resource that will enhance your driver training experience by;

  1. Saving ££££’s

  2. Reducing the number of lessons that you might take

  3. Improving your knowledge and skills

  4. Developing your planning strategy

  5. Using and viewing real-time video footage of the Roads, Roundabouts and Manoeuvres carried out IMPORTANTLY in the car that you will be training in.

Our customers will have full and unlimited access to this resource. They will be able to influence the content and future development of it too by telling us what they think is missing or needs adding or taking away.

Driver training is about engaging together with our present and future customers create the best possible driver training experience!!!!


Mick Kingham, Director

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