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How Do We Know We Are Ready To Take The Driving Test?

It is really important that we " honestly" consider our readiness to take the driving test. Why you might ask? 1. Obviously you want to pass and get on with your driving future. 2. Not being ready, taking a test and then failing it means someone else who is ready misses out on the opportunity and potentially career opportunities. 3. If do fail, it will be a while before you can get a test date and this often means you will need to take more lessons and therefore more costs while your next test comes around. 4. Also, often when you do fail, it feels like there is more pressure on you to pass next time.

Check you're ready to take the test

You’ll usually be ready when:

1. You do not need prompts from your driving instructor.

2. You do not make silly mistakes when you’re driving.

3. You pass mock driving tests.

4. You can control your nerves.

5. Your driving instructor agrees you’re ready.

You’re ready to take your driving test when you can drive safely and follow The Highway Code without any prompts from your instructor, while keeping your nerves under control.

Mick Kingham - Director - RIMS

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