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Driving Tests Lost From Pupils Not Attending

The number of car driving tests being wasted due to learner drivers not turning up has more than doubled compared to before the pandemic – this means that every day 1 in 22 people do not turn up for their driving test.

As I’m sure you can imagine, these figures are very disappointing and of course very frustrating for all of you out there “ wanting to book and pass your driving test”!

DVSA research found that 25% of those who did not turn up used a third-party app to book their test. The second biggest reason for not showing up to a test was that a driving instructor was unavailable (13%) and 11% said they forgot the date or time of their booking.

It just shows that we all need to do our bit by being pro-active, conscientious and be clear about communication with all parties involved in the test booking process.


Mick Kingham - Director RIMS Motoring School Ltd.

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