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Covid Measures at RIMS Driving School.

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

Our staff and students are at the heart of everything we do, and we hope that you and your families are well and coping in these difficult days. We are committed to providing all our students with the same service as before but with any additional help and support you may require. We have invested into ensuring that our business can still function safely.

We must all behave responsibly and if any of us or our householders show any signs or symptoms, we must cancel any planned lessons and inform the authorities, self-isolate and arrange to be tested.

Prior to your driving lesson, an instructor will ask you a series of questions. If your answers indicate that we can continue with the lesson safely and without risking COVID-19 infection, only then the lesson will go ahead as planned. Instructors have the right to re-arrange or cancel lessons due to the answers provided by any student.

See questions below:

a) Have you or any of your household shown any COVID-19 symptoms within the last 5 days?

b) Are you fit and well and do you feel safe enough to take your lesson tomorrow?

c) Do you have a suitable, clean face covering for use during your lesson?

d) I have my own face covering that will changed each lesson and I have hand sanitiser and antibacterial cleaning products for use in between lessons.

e) Where possible, we will need to travel with the windows down to clear the air of any droplets that might have escaped our masks.

Whilst we will take every opportunity to ensure that we are safe to work together during this time. RIMS Motoring School will not be held responsible should any of our customers contract the Coronavirus.

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