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Are You Ready & Well For The Practical Test?

Hi All, just a reminder to our present and future customers that we need to be ‘Ready and well prepared’ for the practical test. I believe that the biggest obstacle for people on their driving test is their nerves and the pressure of the test. That said, if we are indeed fully ready then nerves should not really play a part.

The latest test pass statistics from April to October 2022 show that the overall pass rate has fallen to 47.9 % and there has been an increase in how ofter the examiners have needed to intervene to avoid a dangerous incident to 1 in 8 tests.

If you check out the August blog, I listed the outline criteria to help our customers be ‘ TEST READY’.

Keep up the good work and be honest about your readiness!


Mick Kingham - Director - RIMS

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