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Mick Kingham

Director / Instructor

I qualified as a Driving Instructor in 2006 since then I have devoted all my time and effort into continually striving to improve my knowledge and skill sets to enable me to provide quality, affordable driver training at RIMS driving School.

I have a passion for teaching and sharing information to help you reach your goal of learning to drive in a safe and friendly environment. We work together to develop an individual learning plan that meets with your needs which has a clear structure and sets out the scope of the Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) syllabus, the targets and aims and maps your progress against them by identifying that learning has taken place. By using modern and refreshing coaching techniques we aim to get you there as economically and as safely as possible.

- Mick Kingham, Director.

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Under The Bonnet


Get to know a little about the car you will be using along your driving journey. It is important to have a basic understanding of the vehicle you will be operating whilst been able to pinpoint important mechanical requirements.

Driving Instructor Manoeuvre Videos

Click on the videos below to view your instructors manoeuvre videos.

Reversing Out of a Bay Between 2 Vehicles

Pulling Up on the Left

Pulling Up on the Right

Reversing into a Bay Between 2 Vehicles

Parallel Park

Mick K Manoeuvres
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