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Let's get you out on the road in Rotherham!

We are a well established Driving School in the Rotherham area who's customers have been passing their test with us since 1992!

We offer a very unique service by using modern teaching techniques, combined with our in-depth live camera tutorials available through our student portal to give our students the best possible pass rate.

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How Was Last Month?

Each month we welcome more and more students to our driving school, with now almost 100 current students. As our driving school continues to grow, we are training new instructors that you will meet very soon.

RIMS Driving school has now officially helped almost 1,000 students to pass their driving test!

We are still taking advance bookings! Fill out our contact form, or you can drop us a call or email.

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You're Twice As Likely To Pass With Us!

As a learner with us you will be able to revise your essential highway code, think of Theory Test Pro as an easy and simple way of revising for your test online. Learn with us and get a FREE registered account with Theory Test Pro.

Why Choose RIMS Driving School?

We have a great team, that is continually growing to meet the needs of our local community here in Rotherham.

We are not like the other national organisations; we are like a family and treat you like family too!


No matter how experienced you are, we are here to help you!

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What Our Students Have To Say...

We value all our students very highly and what they have to say is important to us here at RIMS Driving School. 

We really do focus on giving an exceptional service all-round, but don't just take our word for it...


Please feel free to read through what our past students have had to say.


"Thanks to Mick at RIMS I was able to pass my driving test 1st time. He supported me through my whole driver training journey and couldn't be more thankful to him with how much he's helped me."


Student Driver

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"I never thought I'd be able to pass a driving test when I first started driving but thanks to Allan and his amazing instructing I was able to pass my driving test first try. Couldn't recommend Rims and Alan enough."


Student Driver

"You must have nerves of steel!"


Some parents comment on paying a driving instructor when they feel they could teach their kids to drive themselves. That may be true in a handful of cases, but we are more times than not approached by parents saying “I could not do your job; you must have nerves of steel”...


Can you put a price on life? All for the sake of trying to cut corners to pass a driving test instead of the 6 P's; Proper Preparation and Planning Prevents Poor Performance!

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Become An Instructor.


ADI Training.


Join RIMS Driving Team.

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