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When teaching pupils to drive I am very patient with them because when you are learning everybody picks things up in their own time. When I feel that person is progressing then I gradually start to move them on onto different sections. To see when someone has progressed so far and then bring them back to where they first started, the realisation of that pupil of their progression is amazing because then they know that it's only a matter of time for them to be a qualified driver.

I don't just teach you how to drive a car, but I also teach you about the basic things about a car which you will need to know when you pass i.e. (Tell Me Show Me Questions)


Learning to drive is serious but it is also fun as one of my pupils has said it's sets you up for life because it gives you so much freedom. I hope you come on board with R.I.M.S because with any one of the instructors within the group you will find it will be a great experience.

Mick Haughton

Driving Instructor

My name is Michael Haughton, I've been a driving instructor since 2011.

When I first qualified as a driving instructor, I initially started out part time and, in this time, it allowed me to gain experience in tutoring pupils. It has always been within me to be able to teach but to get the opportunity to do this was fantastic. Being a driving instructor, I find that I am passionate about it because to teach someone with no experience to the point where they take their driving test and pass is amazing. To see the happiness on someone's face when they have passed their test it is just a wonderful feeling for me to know that I've guided that person from not being able to drive to being a fully qualified driver.

I just don't teach you to drive but I teach you to understand what you are doing on the road and why you have to do certain things, for instance to be safe and conscientious and don't take things for granted but always think about what you are doing and being prepared for the unexpected.

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Under The Bonnet


Get to know a little about the car you will be using along your driving journey. It is important to have a basic understanding of the vehicle you will be operating whilst been able to pinpoint important mechanical requirements.